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Where will your artistic inspiration take you?


Sometimes artistic inspiration comes from unexpected places. Recently I got a custom order from another seller on Etsy. In fact, he “found” me after I ordered a bazillion handmade soaps from him (they’re incredible…buy some!).

scroll handle cereal bowls by glazedOver Pottery 4 scroll handle cereal bowls by glazedOver Pottery 3 scroll handle ceream bowls by glazedOver Potteryscroll handle ceream bowls by glazedOver Pottery 2

He said he wanted cereal bowls akin to my scroll handle mugs. He imagined them shorter and wider than the mugs but left me room to experiment according to my creative whim. I love the results!

By the way, I asked for his permission to credit him with the inspiration for these bowls and here’s what he said (and I quote):

“Yeah... sure! But I did nothing really :o) I'm just a lazy schlub who wants to drink out of bowls.”

Love him!

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