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Joie de vivre


glazedOver Pottery playing like a kidThis past weekend we went out to take some photos of the new glazedOver Pottery indie ceramic pendants. It was a chilly Spring day, chillier than it should have been for late April, and it had rained earlier that morning, so the grass was a rich, gorgeous green. Everything was still wet, including the fence next to where we were shooting, but that didn’t stop my little one from bouncing around like she usually does with the hop that is perpetually in her step. Mesmerized by how beautiful the pink of her jacket was next to the moist green of the grass, I snapped this picture of her climbing the fence just moments before I realized…

…that she had just climbed the fence (read: wet fence) in her new pink jacket. It’s in the wash as I write this.

Pretty new jackets aside, there’s a lesson here that, perhaps, doesn’t immediately meet the eye. Did my daughter have fun at the photo shoot? Yes, definitely, but not because she has any love for ceramic pendants or photography. She had fun because she was free to run around and climb whatever she could find, you know…in the way that only a kid can do. So here’s a gentle reminder for you – go do something fun, and forget about the mud stains.

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