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glazedOver Scroll Handle Mugs – Part II


eclectic pottery extra large 28-ounce stoneware Blue and Green coffee mug 3
Good news! The glazedOver ginormous handmade ceramic mugs with the curly handles came out of the kiln last week and they are just GORGEOUS! I experimented a bit with the glazes and I’m very pleased with the results.

white ceramic mugseclectic mugs handmade

slab built ceramic mugs handmade coffee mugs on etsy

These are the embarrassingly large mugs. At 28-ounces, they’re the ones for which you’d have to keep your eyes on the carpet during the walk back to your desk just so you won’t have to see the snickering and finger pointing. We know you like your coffee bucket. Nobody says you should have to strike up conversation about it though.

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